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The truth for 'super model' be opposed 288 billion

Back in time than five years ago, dated 18/11/2006, "supermodel" Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy - actress known to many in the film "White Dollar" - has married Mr. Nguyen Duc an - an entrepreneur, overseas Vietnamese Americans. The wedding held at Park Hyatt Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.


At that time, "supermodel" was telling about his decision, said: "I know each and husband for about a year since the introduction of a friend. He was there to Vietnam to visit me several times. He he is very mature, know how to share and especially sympathetic to my career. In the time to know each other, we do not promise much for me and how he became so distant. When the United States have the opportunity to work and visit him not right now I'm getting his marriage proposal. it all came too surprising but at the right time and I do not know what to do but nod on living with him in happiness. "

 Sự thật vụ 'siêu mẫu' bị chồng đòi 288 tỷ đồng

the model Ngọc Thúy

An home he has eight brothers and sisters, all in the U.S. and were married. An only his mother because his father died. He also had a wife and life after breaking up, so he stayed for 10 years. Therefore, 'supermodel' Ngoc Thuy was "the desire to see a family, the desire to laugh his childhood." According to Ngoc Thuy, before the wedding, she used to visit her future husband's mother several times. She said: "I feel very close. His mother kept the family life of Hanoi, the warrants, elegant. People communicate in Vietnamese and there is a sense preserve Vietnamese culture Nam. He even lived in the U.S. from small thinking and behavior has not been westernized. I still like the northern cuisine and a sophisticated, emotionally. "

Earlier, in May 8 / 2006, "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy ended employment contract with FPT and then after the wedding, she was into American living and working in the company's own husband. During this period, little is heard about anything about her except that she once said: "At first I was very happy. But then the stumble, conflicts have occurred. Two is two fish can live in two different cultural environment ... ". Then less than two years after marriage, Ngoc Thuy returned to Vietnam and after the birth of her second child in Singapore, "supermodel" is officially declared, that his marriage has ended.

She said: "I was pregnant, do not want to have a strong disturbance, affecting fetus. I want to temporarily quiet, at least until New baby, then do well be. I think it's time to open it, to start a new life. If the proud, who look, I did not recognize "my peace", which I have played a very happy family well-being. But I was dared to get wrong, dare to expose their failures, to then head up that can go forward. "

As far as we know, on 09/26/2007, that is only about 10 months after the wedding, said Nguyen Duc An, and "Supermodel" Ngoc Thuy filed for divorce in Orange County Court (Orange County) , California, USA.

Although his wedding, "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy has commented on her husband, that it is "mature, know how to share". But now it is: "He just got married to have children, beauty, and not other things involved that what I say is just words of a child." Play as there was in Vietnam, two angry husband and wife together as a small thing. Then he An on America. Error but they both have a wife, Ngoc Thuy proactive give way, I picked a new 4-month-old son back to America. Over flights term "supermodel" waiting An empathy but he only said: "I was in America then, she cradled the baby, hold on I do?".

Tin "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy divorce suddenly become an "hot" by the media in particular and the general public, especially now ex-husband to believe her - she said Nguyen Duc An event in a U.S. court to recover assets worth about $ 288 billion, including five apartments located in the Avalon Building in District 1, four of Sailing Tower apartment is in District 1, HCMC, 13 land plots and villas the Sea Links Golf & County Club, Phan Thiet Binh Thuan province, two parcels of land and a plot of land in Vung Tau City, a villa 160m ² in Binh Thanh District, HCMC, 31% stake in Sao Mai, Ho Vung Tau, an amount of stock New Venture Bank project, the entire amount in a savings account at Commercial Joint Stock Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, four Mercedes Benz cars, a Porsche Cayenne car, two cars Volkswagen, a Vespa, the $ 700,040 loan and $ 3,000,040.

But worth mentioning is the "model" of divorce, there are rumors that the reason Mr. Nguyen Duc An split from his wife because of the presence of Ly Nha Ky. However, Ly Nha Ky openly denied rumors that she and her totally innocent. She said: "Before today I did not care much about her marriage to Thuy did not understand what that reason is this strange rumor. My understanding of her own life just as any we else, just listen to her brief that her husband succeed in America. "

In addition, Ly Nha Ky also said: "If you want, I can get a complete success with her husband, even before her husband but Thuy. Do I need to do right and to the personal happiness of the people it is another to a third party reputation, not spend, did not dare openly relationships ... ".

 Sự thật vụ 'siêu mẫu' bị chồng đòi 288 tỷ đồng

Ngọc Thuý and two children.

Back civil "disputes the ownership of property and child" between the plaintiff is Mr. Nguyen Duc An, and the defendant is the plaintiff's former wife - Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy - by the HCMC People's Court An acceptance is said, he and Ms. Thuy married in 2006 but until December 9 / 2007, they filed a divorce in court in Orange County, California. When settling a divorce case, the California Court of Appeals, United States, ruled: "To grant the right to retain personal property, no property which the parties are common in marriage."

The reason is because the decision was taken before Thuy, Mr. An with his money, bought real estate projects, apartments, villas, bank accounts, vehicles as we have listed above. After getting married, during the period from 2007 to early 2008, so he has no nationality An Vietnam, so he asked her the name of Ngoc Thuy. Thus, according to U.S. court rulings, all his property by Thuy An in Vietnam whose name belongs to Mr. An, and Ms. Thuy must be returned to him after the divorce. However, he says, when An-step path everyone, Thuy still holds mass properties, and committing acts of dispersing or transferred to relatives, as well as own business, without the benefit An although he agreed he had approved the request of Ms. Thuy, a sale of assets and allow her to keep the words arise.

In a self-declaration in the People's Court District 1, HCMC. HCM, is the first to accept the case, Truong Thi Beta - mother "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy - also the name recognition is a transfer of property that Thuy for her and this is also the property An that's the name of Ngoc Thuy.

However, Ngoc Thuy then change your mind again, want to continue to retain all assets to own. After numerous failed agreements, Nguyen Duc An she decided to sue the court Ngoc Thuy Vietnam. In addition to reclaim the property, Mr. An also asked Thuy petitioner must return to his direct right is raising two small children Dior Angelina Nguyen, born in 2007 and Nguyen Valentina Dior, born in 2008.

Mr. An said: "I do not need to reclaim the property for themselves. I want to do everything for two small children and want to keep the legitimate property until the children mature, they have the right use discretion. In addition, I am willing to subsidize her monthly living Thuy match in Vietnam ".

As far as we know, there was a sheet of "warrant" by the lawyers of "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy An sent him, which required him to spend An Ngoc Thuy 101.051USD per month (more than 2 billion) . In addition, Mr. An was obliged in common with his two daughters and in particular Ngoc Thuy Nguyen Angelina Dior, born in 2007, each month will receive 21.925USD (approximately 420 million), and Nguyen Valentina Dior , born in 2008, a month is received 37.097USD (approximately 740 million). Thus, the total amount spent per month for 3 An his mother Ngoc Thuy as required in the written "warrant" is 158.055USD (more than 3 billion).

On the "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy, it was reported that she had to USA. To listen to the opinions of both sides, we contacted her by phone but the call is always "out of network coverage," but she declined relative exposure. Some lawyers suggest that judgments of courts in Orange County, America's hard to be recognized in Vietnam since the two countries have signed the agreement on mutual legal assistance.

However, Civil Procedure Code provisions for countries without legal assistance, but friendly to each other, can apply the principle of reciprocity. So if he An accreditation requirements of the U.S. Court judgments, the Ministry of Justice can be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this body transferred to the Provincial People's Court for consideration and then open a session to recognize and implement decision of U.S. judgments in Vietnam. At that time, the new U.S. plan has legal validity. But that eo le in this case was not a meeting that is open so that the verdict has not yet been recognized and valued. So he can not use the sentence An divorce between two people in the United States as a basis for claims for property at the Court of Vietnam.

However, this appears a fresh, that he and Ngoc Thuy An even have married in the U.S., but both notes have not yet married in Vietnam, should not be recognized as marriage lawful. As a rule, these notes as a means to notify the authorities of Vietnam, that Vietnam was a citizen married a foreigner. Thus, factors that marriage will have no value in the property dispute, the court accepted Vietnam.

Previous rumors about the "super model Ngoc Thuy went to America, as some lawyers lawyer Nguyen Van Hau - City Bar Association. HCM, lawyer Truong Xuan Tam - Bar Ba Ria-Vung Tau have the same commented that, "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy could be arrested when the U.S. back for not serving their sentences. Hau lawyer said: "Although the verdict is not valid in Vietnam, but had values ​​in America. "When he returned to America," supermodel "Ngoc Thuy must comply with host country laws. Be aware that under U.S. law, execution behavior would constitute a criminal offense.

According to attorney August, not only back, but when the U.S. "supermodels" to any country with legal assistance relations with the United States, also was arrested. Even on a commercial flight with American participation partnership, association, it can also hold "model" under the command of the U.S. government. Once in custody, the parties will be extradited to the U.S. for trial under U.S. law ....

To seek to the end of the matter, PV contacted the lawyer Hoang Cao Sang - Chief Counsel Law Hoang Vietnamese to exchange their divorce between "model" Ngoc Thuy and Nguyen Duc extended overseas Vietnamese An.

PV: Subscribe to Nguyen Duc An incident (overseas Vietnamese, U.S. Citizenship) ex-husband of "supermodel" Ngoc Thuy, conducted Ngoc Thuy petition filed in the lawsuit "Disputes over ownership of property and child support "Lawyers can make some comments on what, under a legal perspective?

Lawyer Hoang Cao Sang: Usually Vietnamese people or behave according to our feelings, not about the money immediately clear early in the relationship friends, work and both husband and wife relationship. Through this case, we learned a lesson that "should be made explicitly about what is legally relevant to money and assets to avoid losing friendships, relationships and later time ".

Q: lawyer, the lawyer's own opinion, the ability to win the case of Nguyen Duc An is how much? Lawyer can explain these opinions?

Lawyer Hoang Cao Sang: We can not say anything, because the final decision is still in court. To force "model" Ngoc Thuy delivered to his property, he must make An evidence of that property is your own money or effort spent creating your period before or after marriage Ngoc Thuy. That the evidence we do not have sufficient information so I do not dare to draw conclusions.

Q: Will, the Court ruled California (USA) had previously recognized all assets in the name of the Ngoc Thuy in Vietnam are his An, which affect the decision of the People's Court Ho Chi Minh City?

Lawyer Hoang Cao Sang: In terms of the legal judgments of the Court of California did not affect the court's ruling HCMC. However, during the trial in Ho Chi Minh City Court, Mr. An has the right to make judgments of the Court Court of California to see Ho Chi Minh City to learn more about this incident. As consideration of the evidence that the California court said the basis for his recognition of assets for An.

PV: Thank lawyer debriefing.

(Theo An ninh thế giới)

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