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QTC Law Firm:
Telecommunications Corporation Army
Joint Stock Commercial Bank of China Business enterprises outside Vietnam
Vietnam Bank for Foreign Trade
Vietnam Football Federation
Diplomatic Service Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam
The Department for International Law, Department of Justice
Coffee Corporation Vietnam
Research Institute of Central Economic Management
Minh Trung Co., LTD.
Minh Trung Co., Ltd
Toàn Mỹ
Energy Corporation toan my
Confectionery Joint Stock Company Vietnam food Maiays @
Thanh Phong Co., Ltd
Thanh Phong Co., Ltd.
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The motto

Accompanying the development of Vietnam, QTC has been known as a legal consultant units have contributed significantly to the development of new policies, suggestions improving the law.

With extensive relationships with various ministries involved and the practical experience gained in the course of providing legal services to customers, QTC has practical suggestions on building and improve the laws, especially laws governing the operation of the domestic enterprises and enterprises with foreign investment.

Listening to customers, from which, using the strengths of their internal resources to provide customers the Legal Service is the most effective slogan of our activities.

1. Regular advice:

- Consult the legal issues related to the operation of various types of companies (in accordance with the Law on Enterprises) in the investment process, business and management areas that the company registration;

- Consulting drafting and reviewing contracts related to the production activities of the Company;

- Consult and review of documents related to internal management of companies: Charter, Rules and Regulations on the operation ....

- Consult and review of legal issues related to labor: Compose a labor contract; labor regulations, collective labor agreements: Careers; Discipline, dismissal and termination labor contract ...

- Update and explained the provisions of law relating to business activities of the Company.

2. Advising and participating in the settlement of disputes involved in the operation of the Company:

- Consult the legal issues related to disputes over business activities;

- Representatives / Participation in the mediation, to negotiate with the parties in dispute;

- Text editor, perform the procedure represented petitioner at the court or ask the state agency has jurisdiction to resolve disputes;

- To appoint a lawyer to participate in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the company during the dispute resolution process proceedings;

- Bachelor of Commerce arbitration settle contract disputes of the company .... (Arbitration ruling takes effect immediately and promote the legal enforcement of judgments similar to judgments of the Court of Appeal, saving time time and costs for business ...)

3. Real Estate Consultants, Real Estate investment projects, consulting for real estate investors with the legal provisions on land ... were involved in the operation of real estate companies.

4. Consulting sports, especially football field, the Agent Advisory and abroad about the provisions of the law of Vietnam in the field of Sports and the regulations of the VFF, FiFa ...

"The cooperation of the customer is a pleasure for us."
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